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The PATHways to STEM (PATHS) through Enhanced Access and Mentorship Program proposes an innovative program model to mitigate historically evident barriers and establish an infrastructure of resources, communications, and support for underrepresented students in STEM. PATHS is designed as a 4 year undergraduate program to provide enhanced access to targeted academic preparation, multi-tiered mentorship, personalized student support, STEM scholar identity development, early career identification, and summer research program or internship placement. This program aims to empower students from underserved communities and backgrounds to emerge as leaders that not only survive but thrive during the undergraduate experience in STEM at UC San Diego.


The 3C's Doctrine

The high level of commitment expected of all PATHS Scholars is articulated in the PATHS 3C's Doctrine. As a replication of the highly successful Meyerhoff Scholars Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County, the PATHS Program's vision, strategy, and programmatic operations and infrastructure all stem from a philosophical culture based on trust, commitment, accountability, and the collaborative pursuit of excellence.

Commitment to Character

How are you listening to yourself?

  • Personal wellness
  • Personal identity
  • Leadership and integrity
  • Personal vision and action plan


Commitment to Community

How are you listening to others?

  • Identifying your communities/families
  • Leveraging your assets and opportunities
  • Understanding your accountability to others
  • Self-preservation through adaptive leadership


Commitment to Culture

How are you listening broadly?

  • Understanding the bigger picture
  • Engaging, honoring, and/or challenging the thresholds of culture
  • Your plan: building, leveraging, tying it all together
  • Keeping Character and Community at the forefront