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The PATHS Program's 3C's Doctrine


The high level of commitment expected of all PATHS Scholars is articulated in the PATHS 3C's Doctrine. As a replication of the highly successful Meyerhoff Scholars Program at University of Maryland Baltimore County, the PATHS Program's vision, strategy, and programmatic operations and infrastructure all stem from a philosophical culture based on trust, commitment, accountability, and the collaborative pursuit of excellence.

Commitment to Character

How are you listening to yourself?

  • Personal wellness
  • Personal identity
  • Leadership and integrity
  • Personal vision and action plan


Commitment to Community

How are you listening to others?

  • Identifying your communities/families
  • Leveraging your assets and opportunities
  • Understanding your accountability to others
  • Self-preservation through adaptive leadership


Commitment to Culture

How are you listening broadly?

  • Understanding the bigger picture
  • Engaging, honoring, and/or challenging the thresholds of culture
  • Your plan: building, leveraging, tying it all together
  • Keeping Character and Community at the forefront