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PATHS Program Mission:

To increase the number, persistence, and success of underrepresented students in STEM. 



The integrated approach adopted by the PATHS Program for the empowerment of underrepresented students in STEM will leverage dynamic, multilateral partnerships to systematically address historic challenges facing students from socio-economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. The PATHS Program’s all-access model for support, empowerment, and professional exposure will mobilize a new, diverse generation of STEM leaders. 


GOAL #1 

Provide a robust student support package that intuitively addresses each individual Scholar’s needs in the areas of: financial literacy; physical, emotional, and psychosocial wellness; and basic needs. 


GOAL #2 

Deliver ongoing, high-touch mentorship, advocacy, and academic support and advising via a team of dedicated Graduate Advocates, Faculty Advocates, and Academic Coaches, who will in turn help PATHS in disseminating critical evidence of the student-centered experience at UC San Diego to catalyze institutional transformation for improved Inclusive Excellence.  


GOAL #3 

Support the development of Scholars’ individual personal identities through culturally competent programming, interactions with thought leaders in the realms of social justice and the diversification of STEM, and the ongoing cultivation of students’ personal visions for positive social impact within local communities.   


GOAL #4 

Nurture Scholars’ professional development through STEM Access programming, laboratory training, summer internship and/or research opportunities, STEM conference attendance, and meaningful interactions with STEM faculty, UC San Diego alumni in STEM, and industry partners.